Better Patients, Better Practice, Better You

When it comes to creating healthier patients, a healthier practice, and a healthier YOU, there is nothing better in dentistry than Dental Sleep Medicine.
A filling is OK, but it’s rare that a patient will rave to their friends about it.
A crown is good, but you can do it in your sleep and it’s not going to make most patients do somersaults with their grandkids or provide you with incredible (FINANCIAL) margins.
A full mouth restoration is great, but that’s a lot of wear and tear on your body, and it’s unlikely to save a patient’s life, restore their energy, and get them back in bed with their spouses.
Delivering Oral Appliance Therapy to the right patients, the right way, with the right follow-up changes lives, changes practices, and changes career trajectories. There is no other procedure in dentistry that is as rewarding, both financially and personally, as Dental Sleep Medicine.
We want to help you become the clinician, the practice, and the person you want to be. Step one begins with the right education. We have 75+ courses across the country this year to get you and your practice on the path to a healthier future.


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